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Whatever Happened To Journalistic Integrity?

Whatever Happened To Journalistic Integrity?

In the May issue of APM, we talked about the undercurrent of personal malice leveled at President Barack Obama by Donald Trump and other critics of the current administration.  The disrespect was taken to a whole new level when Mark Halperin, a writer and a senior political analyst for TIME magazine and MSNBC, uttered the following comment during MSNBC’s morning news show, Morning Joe: “I thought he [President Obama] was a dick yesterday.”  Halperin was referring to President Obama’s speech during a press conference held to discuss, among other issues, Congress’s failure to reach an agreement on budget cuts.  How is it that the Commander-in-Chief becomes a “dick” for taking a hard line stand on issues of critical national importance?  Would Halperin have called George W. Bush or Bill Clinton such a derogatory name on television?  This kind of questionable behavior makes me nostalgic for the days when journalists were crusading heroes and heroines dedicated to reporting the news in an objective, fair and impartial manner.  Halperin’s excuse for making the offensive remark was that he thought he was on a seven second delay. 


Both TIME and MSNBC have publicly reprimanded Halperin.  He has since apologized, but was the apology more for making the remark or for the fact that he got caught saying something that should not have been said anywhere near a TV newsroom?  If Halperin truly believes his remark was unacceptable, then why did he say it in the first place? 


Well, if it’s any consolation Halperin, has been suspended indefinitely.



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