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Obama’s Decreasing Popularity

Obama’s Decreasing Popularity

Some say President Obama left behind his promise of hope, change and a new direction almost as soon as he took office. Where are all the new jobs he promised? What is he doing to reign in Wall Street? These questions are on the minds of many. Suffice to say, Obama’s “supporters” are disillusioned at best. Others are a bit more patient and believe it will simply take time for his efforts to take root. They argue that Obama came into office with a mess he did not create and that we should all stand behind our leader since he is at least trying to make a difference. Unfortunately for Obama, that group of people now makes up a minority of voters.

Another school of thought posits that Obama was honest about his plans to spend big throughout his campaign, but those who were disgusted with the GOP heard only what they wanted to hear, and elected Obama despite his big “spending agenda.” If that’s true, then isn’t it also true that those once avid Obama supporters, who now criticize Obama for spending more than any U.S. President in history, really have only themselves to blame? According to Gallup Polling, Obama’s approval ratings now hover around 45%, a far cry from his beginning ratings of 69%, which was higher than the four presidents who took office immediately before him. Whatever the reasons for President Obama’s waning popularity, one can’t help but wonder if our first Black president will see a second term.



  • Jerry Davis says:

    Where did you get all your information? It sounded like Fox-news. He did create jobs, millions now has health care. You made it sounds like that Obama was a failure. Wow I’m very surprised how you wrote this article…

  • “We need leadership who understands the core ideology that families matter. Our families are going by the waste-side while our politicians still play the blame game. The days of PAST THE BUCK POLITICS ARE OVER…… If our politicians want real change they need to really, really hear us, understand us and grow with us. We live in the richest country in the world, but we also live in the most selfish country in the world. There should be no middle ground on how our families must survive…….. We all know this story ‘THE RICH GET RICHER WHILE THE POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS FALL BY THE WASTE-SIDE’ not except-able. Everyday it saddens us when we here the President of the United States getting blamed for all things that go wrong. What we must learn to understand is that even the President is an elected official governed by a body of Advisors, Congress, Senate, Cabinet & Military Advisors who all have to sit and vote on what is the best practice, policy and procedure for our country and the world to operate on. I say pass the real word along and ask our families, our communities, our teaches, our fathers, our mothers, our mentors and our children to learn to identify the real truth about politics. Not because the news printed it or aired it on television and wants us to believe that is the absolute truth. Its bad politics when politicians feel they must build a smut campaign against one another in order to build votes….. That’s just wrong. They must build a campaign on Truth, Justice and the American way. Most of our spending should be done domestically here in the United States of America to help us recapture the essence of what has been lost amongst our country and families. We can build America to be the most economical country in the world if greed would not be the factor all the time….. I want to take this time to applaud all the true families and companies their have committed half their net worth to helping out our families in need. Yes, we appreciate and commend you on that. That is what we call real change………. ‘Straight From The Streets Magazine’ ‘You Heard It Here First’ Andrew Hicks Sr”

  • Guy Madison says:

    You are so right on with this article. I would take it a step further and say that the President’s advisors are selling him a message from 1994 when Clinton was in office. Those days are long gone and the strategy needed to shift toward down economy strategies not health care for all.

  • Catheine E. Voltz says:

    “As the pendulum swings”, from the highest point of exuberance and exhilaration of the world experiencing its’ first “African/American” president of The United States of America, so shall it experience the equivalence of its’ opposing heights, feelings of loss and dis-pair. You can’t separate the dichotomies of life, they must be experienced. We can only be patient until these two extremes are brought into balance, and trust me they will, there’s no way around it.
    We, as a people, can sit idly in front of our TV sets, computers, newspapers, etc., and accept the hyperboloid media propaganda, that’s fed to us daily, concerning the gallop polls, low ratings, and false statistics. And we can continue to live in the past, believing and re-acting again and again to the lies that’s presenting themselves as the truth. Or we can busy ourselves, by taking care of our homes and families the best we can. Trust ourselves, knowing that no one has power or control over us, except us. Because once you’ve given your power to politicians, including a President, to better your and your family’s life, you’ve already set yourself, your family, and the politician you’ve voted for, up for failure.
    The web of politics is a tangled web indeed, one that Obama, as President, is finding hard to unravel. Hard, because he knows the path that he’s on is the path of the future, the path of truth, as he knows it, the path of enlightenment, yet, it is riddled with the illusions of lies from the past, that must be ignored and overcome, a very humbling and daunting experience. Not only for Obama, but for all.
    Obama has made great strides in making America and the world a better environment, regardless of what the fake polls and falsified election results showcase. Take a look around you, how many people do you know are suffering more since Obama’s taken office, than before? When he speaks of change, it begins with you, the individual. change the way you re-act to situations, be patient and respond accordingly, know that there are opposing forces at work, that must have it’s say. And when the pendulum slows, the truth will prevail.
    Thank You,
    Catherine Voltz, Personal Consultant
    I’m neither Democrat nor Republican, yet, I’m Democrat and Republican, we all are. Stop allowing forces to separate you, because in order for us to survive, these two extremes must come together in cooperation, and they will. Obama’s platform of change, A Merging Force!

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